Superintendent's Corner

Winter 2019

I am sharing this message with our community at the middle of the school year or just a few days shy of the celebrated 100th Day. It is often at this time that we begin to take a look at our achievements and what we have yet to accomplish.

I am very enthusiastic about our Career & College Readiness achievements. The Teacher in the Workplace Grant has afforded us the opportunity for our teachers to visit businesses and organizations, learning about the skills that our students will need to succeed beyond the classroom. Our Fifth Grade Career Day has expanded in such a way that our younger students are learning from high school students about small steps they can take to be successful in school and begin preparing for college or a career.

This year we began the implementation of a district-wide School Safety Plan that includes A.L.I.C.E. training and drills.  We have been using age-appropriate lessons to teach students ways to respond in an emergency.  The district will also be participating in the state’s new Safe2Say Something Program geared toward middle and high school students, which offers an anonymous line of communication for the reporting of threatening or dangerous behavior. Please use the following links for additional information about the Safe2Say Something Program and our district-wide safety measures found in the Safety & Security Overview presentation.

In September we began using a new school assessment tool called MAP, which stands for Measures of Academic Progress. This tool is able to screen student work, measure growth and project proficiency. This tool is not simply the addition of another assessment to the classroom, rather it is a system that provides immediate results to our teachers, giving them the ability to adjust instruction and provide intervention and support to students as needed.

As we progress through winter, stay tuned for some spring news as we kick-off our Greenhouse Project at Souderton Area High School. A generous donation from the Indian Valley Education Foundation will fund the design and construction of a full size greenhouse to be built on the campus at the high school. This project will accommodate an “aquaponics growing system” and an instructional area.  It will provide a variety of cross-curricular opportunities for students that offer real-world problem solving, STEM related science, skill development, and community collaboration.

As we wait for winter to give way to warmer temperatures, I encourage you to take a look at our Community Education Winter/Spring brochure. There is a new offering of classes, aquatics activities and exciting trips.


Frank Gallagher

Frank T. Gallagher, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools