Student Support Team (STT)

The primary purpose of the Student Support Team is to identify, refer, and support students with drug/alcohol, emotional, adjustment or mental health problems. Referrals can be made by school staff, parents, or students to any team member.

The School District has three Student Support Teams (SST). They are located at the high school, junior high and middle school, and consist of professional staff who have received specialized training in order to identify and refer students with a variety of problems. The teams function to intervene with "high risk" students in order to provide support and to develop recommendations and necessary treatment. SST members include a guidance counselor, two or more teachers, the school nurse, an administrator, a school psychologist and the home and school visitor. Students may be assessed by an appropriate local agency and that agency determines what recommendations are to be followed.

The Student Support Teams provide faculty in-service, collect and maintain confidential information regarding all referrals, cooperate with administration regarding students who are in violation of the drug and alcohol policy, and monitor the progress of students during and after treatment. When teams work effectively, they identify a student at risk, intervene successfully in cooperation with parent/guardians, provide assessment, develop recommendations and monitor progress of students.