Safety/Security plan

The Goals of the Souderton Area School District Safety and Security Plan INCLUDE:

  • The protection of students and staff.
  • The protection of school property.
  • The establishment of a climate conducive to learning.

Plan Initiatives

  • Safe School Manual
  • Crisis Management Guidelines
  • Identification Badges
  • Visitor’s Pass
  • Ongoing Review of Policy
  • Anti-Harassment Booklet
  • Communication Devices
  • Parent Education Forum
  • Character Counts! Education
  • Character Counts! Sports
  • Security Systems for Buildings
  • Grant Writing
  • CPR, AED First Aid Training
  • Safe Homes Program
  • Rapid Response
  • Initiate “bullying” Curriculum
  • Elementary Student Assistance Program

Building Security:

  • At the start of the school day until dismissal, exterior doors are locked, with the exception of the main entrance, which is monitored.
  • Schools have a procedure to lock classrooms to keep students safe in the event of a crisis.
  • Staff members and visitors are required to wear identification badges.
  • Schools and teachers have crisis prevention and intervention plans. Each school also has a Safety Committee.
  • The Souderton Area School District has a policy and guidelines for direct intervention for students who threaten or who are heard to threaten harm to others or themselves. Any threats of this nature are taken very seriously.
  • The district has a cooperative arrangement with the Penn Foundation to provide assessments and assistance to students and families.
  • Each school has a team of professionals to offer intervention and referral for students deemed to be at risk. School Counselors, Nurses, Helpline Counselors, Psychologists, Instructional Support Team, Student Support Team, and others provide direct intervention.
  • The Souderton Area School District is part of the Character Counts! education project. This is a community-wide/school-wide effort to create a healthier and more loving community for our children and families. The four pillars of Character are: Caring, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect. We encourage all parents and community groups to join in this initiative.