Safe School Committee

Committee Membership

  • Superintendent & Designee
  • Business Manager
  • Supervisor of Buildings/Grounds
  • Supervisor of Operations
  • Supervisor of Food Service
  • Building Principal
  • Secretary
  • Health/Phy. Ed. Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Food Service Worker
  • Nurse
  • Athletic Director
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Police Officer
  • Insurance Rep.

Essential Functions of the School Safety Committee

  • Help plan and develop in-service opportunities for specific buildings on safe school issues/crisis procedures.
  • Identify areas for school safety improvements in each building.
  • Communicate and implement district-wide safety initiatives to inpidual buildings.
  • Model safe school practices.
  • Assist administration in responding to a crisis situation.
  • Eliminate the philosophy that “it can’t happen here.” The committee needs to focus on safety and orderly behavior in all schools, at all levels.