Monitoring of ELLs Post Language Instructional Program Exit

All English language learners (ELLs) who are exited from language instructional programs will be monitored for a two year period after exit. The primary purpose is to monitor a former ELL’s academic achievement after exit and to ensure that he/she is continuing to progress and be successful without encountering difficulty as a result of English language skills.

The progress of the exited ELLs will be monitored at intervals throughout the academic year, utilizing collaborative conversations regarding progress monitoring of the exited ELLs between content and ESL teachers

The district will use the forms developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as guidance for monitoring student academic achievement and progress after exit. The forms will include (1) an elementary and (2) a middle/secondary report.

The completed report form will be evaluated by an ESL professional in collaboration with other administrators and educators and must be maintained in the student record folder.

During the two year monitoring period, any student encountering academic difficulty that is determined to be a result of English language proficiency skills may be reclassified and returned to an ESL education program. However, reclassification will occur after collaboration between the ESL teacher and content teachers has ensured that effective and appropriate core curriculum instruction, including differentiation and interventions have been implemented. 

Teachers may offer support to monitored students as they would for any student seeking additional assistance with classroom work, instruction, or assessment. Monitoring is NOT an extension of the language instructional program.

Communication with Parents
Parents will be notified of the student’s progress and any evaluation to reclassify the student into an ESL program if monitoring of student academic achievement and progress identifies the need for continued ESL instruction.