Three (3) Hour Delay Option

March 1, 2019

Based upon past weather events and future forecasts, an additional option for a delayed school opening has been added.  For future weather events, the school opening may be delayed either two hours or three hours, depending on weather and travel conditions. 
In the event of a Three-Hour Delay:

• If your child takes a bus to school, he/she would be picked up at the bus stop three (3) hours later than the regularly scheduled time.
• Kids Kare (YMCA) before-school programs would open at 9:00a.m.
• The secondary student day would begin at 10:40a.m.  
o Morning NMTCC session (high school): canceled 
• The elementary student day would begin at 11:45a.m.  
o Morning Kindergarten: canceled 
o Afternoon Kindergarten: no changes
o Extended Day Kindergarten: canceled
• Lunches would still be served.

Thank you for your understanding as we strive to provide flexibility in times of inclement weather.