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As we anticipate the arrival of Spring, several of our elementary schools recently celebrated the 100th Day of School. This particular day is often filled with activities and events to commend students for their many achievements since the start of the school year. While this is indeed a unique day, I believe we should celebrate learning each and every day of the year. We are in a period in time where schools are often under the microscope and some voices are critical of public education. I could not be more confident, however, that in the Souderton Area we are providing a first-rate education to the community’s children. I take great pride in that service and also in our efforts to remain fiscally responsible so as to not overburden our taxpayers.

Certainly, there are challenges to be faced, however I believe the Souderton Area School District is rising to meet those challenges by growing and innovating every day. As I attend morning meetings in our elementary schools, I see students who are engaged and excited to be in the classroom. When I meet with our middle and high school students, I am always impressed by their unique ideas, questions and goals. Our students continue to amaze me with the wide range of their interests, both in the classroom and out in our community.

When I attend athletic events and concerts, I see family members and friends, but I also see our teachers and staff members coming out in support of our students. When I go into our school’s after-hours, I see classrooms filled with eager adult learners embracing our Community Education courses. This spring there will be several school district events that I know will be successful and I am thankful for the support and generous donations from our families and our business community.

So, while we are not isolated from the uncertainties that lie ahead in education, I believe that the Souderton Area School District is strong and positioned to thrive. I remain committed to advocating for traditional public education and to educating the whole child.


Frank Gallagher
Frank T. Gallagher
Superintendent of Schools



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