Update on Network Disruption

September 3, 2019

We are working to restore services affected by the computer network disruption that occurred over the weekend.  We appreciate your patience throughout this process and your assistance in returning student devices.  Please know that our teachers will adapt to this temporary change to our online learning environment and will have flexibility with your child's assignments and classwork. 

Please read the below updates: 

  • Refrain from using any student-issued device.  If the device is still at your home, your child should bring it to school tomorrow (Wednesday, September 4th).
  • Be aware that your child's teacher may not have immediate access to e-mail.  You may copy/"cc" the school principal when e-mailing to ensure the information is received.
  • Call the school office with any time-sensitive information regarding your child.
  • Online applications used for school purposes (e.g. Schoology, Google Apps, First In Math, etc.) are temporarily unavailable.
  • Home Access Center is temporarily unavailable.
We will continue to provide updates via our Web site, e-mail and text message to parents.