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Board Policies

Visit BoardDocs for Policies

Policies adopted by the Souderton Area School District School Board are available on SASD's BoardDocs site.

For more information regarding Souderton Area School District School Board policies, please e-mail

School Board policies serve as instruments to guide and provide structure to the decision making process affecting all aspects of the Souderton Area School District organization. Board policies are designed to reflect the culture, character, and values of the local community while meeting State and Federal regulations.

In most instances, the creation or revision of a Board policy occurs as the result of a change in State or Federal legislation, or as the result of a specific need affecting an aspect of the Souderton Area School District. The introduction of a new policy or the revision of an existing policy typically occurs at the Policy Committee meeting of the Board. The Committee consists of Board members, central office Cabinet members, building level administrators and various district supervisors. Policy Committee meetings are conducted when needed on an as needed basis. The Committee recommends policy changes to the full Board of Directors at regularly scheduled public Board meetings. Members of the Board have the opportunity to review and discuss recommendations of the Policy Committee. Once the Board of Directors approves a change in Board policy, it becomes the official position of the whole Board.