The following five (5) positions comprise the Superintendent's Cabinet, which is charged with the responsibility of supervising all activities within the Souderton Area School District.

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Superintendent of Schools
GallagherFrank T. Gallagher, Ed.D. ~ e-mail: [email protected]

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- Superintendent's Corner
- Superintendent's Goals

The Superintendent of Schools serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Education under the direction and authority of the Board of School Directors. The Superintendent of Schools directs the development of and recommends to the school board objectives and programs to meet the needs of students, staff and the community. The Superintendent of Schools also directs preparation and presentation of budgets and makes recommendations on revenue sources; addresses community and civic groups on education related issues; interprets policy and programs to staff, individuals and community groups and to government agencies.

Assistant Superintendent/Director of Human Resources
HeyChristopher D. Hey, Ed.D. ~ e-mail: [email protected]

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- Assistant Superintendent's Goals

The Assistant Superintendent/Director of Human Resources assists the Superintendent in the administration of all facets of district operations and assumes the duties of the Superintendent in his absence. The Assistant Superintendent/Director of Human Resources also organizes and supervises the personnel activities of the Souderton Area School District including employment, administration, compensation, and employee relations according to school district policy, government regulations and collective bargaining agreements. He maintains close contact with all divisions of the organization to determine the personnel needs of the program. In addition to coordinating and directing the recruitment of potential staff members, he also oversees the evaluation process for all employee groups, provides assistance to supervisory personnel and maintains a system of personnel records. The Director of Human Resources counsels with employees and administrators over personnel matters and consults with employees concerning retirement procedures. An important component of creating a safe learning environment involves promoting Character Counts! initiatives throughout the Indian Valley and Dr. Hey is currently also serving as the President of the Indian Valley Character Counts! Coalition’s Executive Committee. The Assistant Superintendent/Director of Human Resources acts as a liaison between the district and the general community to form relationships that benefit both students and the community.

Director of Pupil Services
Photograph of Megan ZweibackMegan Zweiback ~ e-mail: [email protected]

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The Director of Pupil Services oversees a wide variety of activities, sports and services that support and enhance the learning environment and co-curricular programs for students K-12 in the Souderton school community. Duties are performed in accordance with established federal, state and district-level policies. Support services include guidance and health services, district psychologists, Home and School Visitor who monitors student attendance, Student Support Teams (SST) for students struggling academically and Student Assistance Programs (SAP) for at-risk students. Many of these student support services are funded or partially funded by federal grants. The Director of Pupil Services is responsible for insuring students learn in a safe and nurturing environment. These duties include monitoring the fair and appropriate enforcement of the student code of discipline, orchestrating alternative placements as needed, and regularly evaluating safety protocols in all schools. The Director of Pupil Service also monitors Title IV compliance, in addition to administering and monitoring district-wide special education services (early intervention – approved private school through age 21) through the assigned Supervisors of Special Education.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Technology
ReillyKatie Kennedy-Reilly, Ed.D. ~ e-mail: [email protected]

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The Souderton Area School District Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Technology leads the development of equitable, inclusive and innovative educational programs and instructional strategies that improve the knowledge, skills and cognitive growth of the whole child with the purposeful use of technology and research to enhance learning and teaching across the Souderton Area School District.

The Director administers the educational programs for grades K-12, and works with all schools and departments to assist them in meeting their goals. The Director works closely with the Superintendent, principals and teachers while overseeing the District's curriculum, professional development programs, and the implementation and support of all technology.

Director of Business Affairs
Photograph of Michael TaylorMichael Taylor, CPA ~ e-mail: [email protected]
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The Director of Business Affairs is the chief financial officer of the district and therefore responsible for the administration of all financial operations of the district. This includes most of the "non-instructional" support services of the district. The following departments report to the Director of Business Affairs: Accounting/Payroll/Accounts Payable, Operations/Maintenance/Planning, Transportation, Food Services, Child Accounting, and Tax Collection/Census. The district business office staff is responsible for the administration of the district's 136+ million dollar budget as well as investments, insurances, purchasing, and the annual local audit and the state audit.