The Souderton Area School District technology plan is defined within the current Comprehensive Plan.

The Souderton Area School District is in the first year a multi-year focus that includes the following technology goal:

We will prepare and challenge our students to use emerging technologies to critically and creatively engage in research, communication, collaboration, and innovation. Our students today are digital natives and their classrooms require the technology necessary for learning and growth in the 21st century.


Curriculum and Instruction: Implement and support curriculum and instruction, where digital tools, pedagogy, and content complement one another to produce effective student centered instruction.

Administrative Professional Development for Instructional Technology
Revised Library Curriculum
Collaborative Best Practice Resources and Ideas Space
Professional Development for Instructional Technology
Parental and Community Communications
Technology Curriculum, K-5
Partner with Corporate Learning Professionals
Ready Online Assessments
Blended Learning Opportunities
Middle School STEAM Project-Based Learning Opportunities

Infrastructure: Provide an ongoing and responsive infrastructure to support the learning environment and ensure equitable access for all students.

Acquire Devices - Digital Learning Tools
Provide Equitable Access to Learning Tools
Establish a Technology Device Life Cycle Plan
Expand and Maintain Broadband Access to the Internet and Wireless Connectivity
Improve Storage Capacity and Investigate Cloud Based Storage
Upgrade and Replace Structure Cable replaced at the Schools where specification is required

For more detailed information related to technology goals and initiatives, please refer to the complete Comprehensive Plan.

District Technology by the Numbers:

  • The district has over 3,500 computers in labs, on portable carts and in classrooms.
  • The Chromebook inventory is over 1,600 units and growing due to a newly adopted 1:1 initiative
  • The district maintains and manages over 85 servers - in a high availability, virtualized environment
  • There are approximately 120 network attached Printers/ copiers
  • It has been estimated that the district has installed over 200 miles of copper network cabling and 40 miles of fiber optic cable
  • There are 200 plus network switches including firewalls, filtering appliances, and network management devices
  • WiFi is available in every building and every classroom
  • Internet is available in every building and every classroom
  • LCD projectors and Interactive Whiteboards are installed in every classroom
  • There is a self-contained environmentally controlled network operations center with backup power generator and dry fire suppression
  • The district has deployed and maintains 210 iPads and 300 Kindle readers
  • There are 10 members on the technology staff including:
    • 1 Supervisor of Technology
    • 1 Network Administrator
    • 1 Database Administrator
    • 1 Web Development Specialist
    • 1 Video Production Specialist
    • 5 Technical Support Specialists