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Illness Indicators / Sick Day Guidelines
Changes Regarding Medication Given to Students

Each of the ten schools in SASD has a full-time nurse on staff.

School Nurse Phone Number
E. M. Crouthamel Elementary Mrs. Aldredge 215-723-5949 ext. 14126
Franconia Elementary Mrs. Kreiser 215-723-2596 ext. 13107
Indian Crest Junior High School Mrs. Moyer 215-723-9193 ext. 11226
Indian Valley Middle School Mrs. Stackhouse 215-256-8896 ext. 107
Oak Ridge Elementary Mrs. Haberle 215-256-6633 ext. 16104
Salford Hills Elementary Mrs. Bealer 610-287-9197 (press Opt 2 or ext 17131)
Souderton Area High School Mrs. Miller 267-203-0119, direct line to the nurse
West Broad Street Elementary Mrs. Bunk 215-723-1711 (press Opt 2 or ext 19116 )
Vernfield Elementary Mrs. Gilbride 215-721-0606 ext. 5115
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Illness Indicators / Sick Day Guidelines

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Fact Sheet (PDF)

Measles and the Vaccine to Prevent It (PDF)

Is it a Cold or the Flu? (PDF)

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