At Home Learning - High School

Because high school students are already experienced in managing long-term and ongoing assignments, their work will reflect a higher level of independence. High school tasks may include work on performance assessments, reading and research related to course content, introduction of materials using technology, and ongoing practice to reinforce core skills.  

Use the links below for at home learning activities for high school students. 

As of March 30th, new instruction is being provided via Schoology. Students are expected to check Schoology for all of their courses daily and complete assignments.
*If you have any questions, please e-mail your child's teacher at their e-mail address.

Arrow Independent Reading
   - Independent Reading Volume 1

Arrow Increasing Reading Stamina
   - Increasing Reading Stamina Volume 1

Improving MLA Skills
   - Improving MLA Skills Volume 1

Improving Grammar Skills
   - Improving Grammar Skills Volume 1

Arrow Internet Security
   - Home Internet Security Course Volume 1

Arrow Math
   - Preparing for the SAT: Mathematics

Arrow Wellness
   - Body-Weight Workouts

Arrow Art
   - Creative Journal