Compare to Cyber Charter

Compare to Cyber IconSouderton Area Online Academy students remain within the school district, with full access to our supports and in classes taught by our teachers, with our curriculum. Students will be in classes with local Souderton students. In a cyber charter, students may be in class with students from across the state.

Pennsylvania’s Cyber Charter Schools rank below the 50th percentile on state assessments. Souderton maintains high achievement scores on state tests as well as SAT, AP, and ACT scores.

In addition, Souderton Area School District must, by law, pay the tuition for each student who chooses to attend a cyber charter school. For our school district, that rate is $12,668 per student, and $32,217 for each student identified as having special education needs (even if those needs are speech services provided once or twice a week.) Public schools and advocacy groups across Pennsylvania have been lobbying for fair funding changes to address this inequitable funding issue that is draining much-needed funds from our school districts.