FAQ: What about next year?

The District shares the concerns of parents about the safe reopening of school for next year. With the start of the new year several months away, there are many unknowns and a great deal of conflicting guidance from various government agencies.

Of one thing we can be sure: our goal is to diligently prepare for all students to return to school in a safe and supportive environment. We will also be prepared if conditions at the time prevent the normal resumption of school. Planning for multiple contingencies is already underway, with the last few days of this school year to be spent in planning and training sessions with our teachers to ensure we are ready for any eventuality. Below are the school reopening alternatives under consideration at this time:

  1. Normal in-school operations with precautions in place to safeguard students and staff. We are hopeful and will be prepared for when all of our students and staff can attend school next year.
  2. A robust full-time online instruction program entitled the Souderton Area Online Academy for all students, taught by SASD teachers, with the goal of bridging any gaps when in-school instruction cannot be offered. This Academy would include significant enhancements from the At Home Learning program that was delivered this spring. It will replicate as closely as possible the in-school learning experience, and will be up and running on Day 1 to serve:
    1. All students if schools cannot reopen or schools are closed again for a period of time
    2. Some students if school must be operated on an alternative schedule in which some students are in school and others are learning at home
    3. Any student who elects a virtual-only offering due to health concerns

  3. As a last resort, alternative schedules as mentioned above are being explored which would allow for smaller groups of students to safely attend school at any one time.