Education Overview: Middle Schools

Souderton Area School District's middle school curriculum is designed for students to develop greater knowledge of the areas they began to study in elementary school, including English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In addition to core subjects, students will have a full year of Wellness. Students can also begin their study of a world language.

All Online Academy courses will be facilitated by SASD teachers. These teachers will provide the course content and accompanying activities and assessments, as well as help students organize their time appropriately to assure success in a virtual environment. Online courses will include small-group activities, discussion boards, and team projects where students will collaborate with classmates in order to foster an online community of learners. A parent or other adult in the home will assist students with meeting the course expectations and staying engaged with each course.

Teachers will serve as facilitators and educational coaches, designing challenging activities and providing effective guidance and quality feedback. Instruction will include:

  • Asynchronous (Recorded) Instruction - Teachers will post course assignments, or recorded lessons, and students will complete the assignments within a designated timeline.

  • Synchronous (Live) Instruction - Real-time, interactive teacher-to-student instruction using video-audio conferencing.

  • Regularly scheduled office hours - Students receive on-demand academic support

The District will provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education (“FAPE”) to every student with an IEP this year, whether that is in a virtual setting or in our bricks and mortar school. IEP meetings will be held for special education students who choose the virtual setting. The IEP Team will determine what supports a student needs in the virtual setting and how those supports will be delivered.

As part of Souderton Area School District's one-to-one program, all middle school students are provided a device.