Program Overview


Souderton Area Virtual Academy (SAVA) provides a K-12 online learning program through the Souderton Area School District in partnership with Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA). BVA is a top national online learning provider that meets the unique needs of each individual student. The program offers over 400 courses, taught by Pennsylvania certified teachers, including special education teachers. In addition to teachers, the program provides supervisors of online learning, student support liaisons, and teaching assistants.


Students residing in the Souderton Area School District may enroll in Souderton Area Virtual Academy. Transitioning from SAVA to in-person schooling is encouraged at the natural breaks in instruction by level - for example, quarter, trimester, semester. To enroll, please complete the SAVA Registration Form.

Contact Information

To reach Souderton Area Virtual Academy, please contact the building principal of your child’s home school or e-mail [email protected].

Learning Format

SAVA courses are primarily asynchronous, allowing students to move through content at their own pace while being supported by the learning management system, teachers, and teaching assistants. Since the SAVA courses can be accessed online anytime, students are able to attend class everyday. The program allows for flexibility and autonomy for each student/family to determine what schedule works best for them.

For elementary students, a community of learning is established through synchronous opportunities. Virtual morning meetings utilize large and small groups to support communication and interactivity among students. For secondary students, teachers and teaching assistants utilize daily and weekly communications through various methods, including the virtual office.

Parent/guardian involvement is a key component for student success in online programs. While secondary students are able to guide their online learning experience, elementary students will need adult monitoring and supervision. To help support their students, elementary parents/guardians will be viewed as their child’s learning coach (link to learning coaches/parental involvement section).


The SAVA program meets accessibility guidelines and is designed to address the needs of different learners. A Synchronous Study Program is offered at no cost to support learners who need structure and organizational skills associated with the transition to becoming successful virtual learners and overcoming challenges associated with learning independently.


SAVA’s virtual curriculum features courses in mathematics, science, language arts, world languages, social studies, and electives. All courses are standards-based to ensure the highest quality education for students. The curriculum has been specifically designed for use in online instruction and each course is backed by PA certified teachers. Curriculum accommodations can be made based on student needs and District recommendations.


SAVA’s online learning program is Web-based and functions on Apple, Windows-based devices and Chromebooks. User may occasionally need to download and print PDF document to complete summative assessments. Courses and grades are accessible in SAVA’s student information system.

Learning Coaches / Parental Involvement

To help support their students, elementary parents/guardians will be viewed as their child’s learning coach. The role of the learning coach is to work closely with the student and the teacher. Ath the beginning of the year, the learning coach helps the student set up a successful online learning environment by creating a schedule and establishing a safe and comfortable workspace. Each day, the learning coach will help the student check messages, keep the student on pace, help the student navigate the learning management system and workbooks, as well as communicate with the teacher(s) as needed. The level of support the learning coach provides depends on the grade level and independent skills of the student. For grades K-3, the learning coach will often need to help guide the student through the lesson. For grades 4 and 5, the learning coach may not need to provide as much support. Most importantly, the learning coach is responsible for scanning and submitting workbook assignments in the learning management system as needed.

While SAVA provides instructional and support staff, the role of the parent remains essential. While parents do not need to directly instruct their children in content, they remain an important partner in the success of an online learner. Parents are given a login where they can see how their student is progressing in courses. Reports are sent weekly in order to summarize student progress and activity. Teachers and teaching assistants seek to build relationships with students and parents in order to help each student achieve success by empowering the parents with the knowledge to assist their students.

Extracurricular Activities

Any student enrolled in SAVA is eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

For school sponsored sports and special events such as dances, community service, etc., events may be viewed through the Districtwide School Activities Calendar posted on the Web site. All eligibility requirements and criteria are outlined in the handbook and will be followed as with in-person students. Student must meet academic responsibilities in order to participate. Infractions of the discipline code as outlined in the handbook will result in loss of privileges.

Career and Technical Center

All SAVA students in grades 10 through 12 are eligible to attend the North Montco Technical Career Center. Please contact your guidance counselor for additional details.