Point of Sale

  • What is Point of Sale?
  • How does it work?
  • Distribution of ID/Debit cards
  • How does my child use the point of sale system?
  • Deposit slips (PDF)

    For more information, please contact Gwyneth Jones, Director of Dining Services, via e-mail [email protected] or telephone at 215-723-6061.

    What is Point of Sale?
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    POINT OF SALE (POS) is a computerized meal accountability system used for cafeteria transactions. Accounts are set up for all students, and parents or guardians are encouraged to place as much money as they choose in their child’s account. The money is drawn down with each transaction.

    This permits money to be deposited into a student account for the purchase of breakfast and lunch and eliminates the need for students to carry cash on a daily basis. Reduction in the use of cash eliminates lost or forgotten cash and permits the students to be served with greater efficiency when they reach the cashiers. An added benefit is that students are no longer able to give other students cash, whether the situation involves “bullying” or a friendly interaction.

    How does it work?
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    Every student enrolled in the Souderton Area School District has an account set up in their name, so that he or she can purchase meals or other items in the cafeteria without having cash every day. This will operate like a debit system. The account is funded by the parent or guardian.

    Distribution of ID/Debit cards
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    Students receive their ID number on the first day they are in school. Please discuss the importance of your child keeping and maintaining control of his or her own Point of Sale ID number. The card may NOT be used by any other student. The ID number must be presented at breakfast or lunchtime to record the number of breakfast and lunches and to access the student account.

    Elementary students are given their ID number in kindergarten and this number is used throughout their school years.

    How does my child use the point of sale system?
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    When your child enters the cafeteria, he chooses a breakfast or lunch and proceeds to the computer terminal. All students enter their ID number into the keypad. This will bring up the child’s account for the cashier. When the account is accessed, a corresponding picture of the student appears on the cashier’s screen. The cashier will key in the breakfast or lunch and the account will be debited. Pre-deposited money in the account speeds up the line providing your child with more time for breakfast or lunch and socializing with friends. Some students have requested the cashiers to withdraw cash from their account and this is NOT permitted. When students request monies back from a cash or check deposit, this is NOT permitted.