Coronavirus Update - March 10, 2020

We continue to monitor and respond to emerging information about the coronavirus disease 2019.  As you may be aware, some schools in Montgomery County have announced temporary closures in response to information about possible exposure of residents. 

There are no reported cases of coronavirus in our immediate community, and teaching and learning has continued as normal in our school buildings.  

At the advice of the county health department, however, we are limiting school events which bring together large numbers of the public.  A list of events which have been canceled between now and Sunday, March 22nd is below.  Decisions regarding public events beyond March 22nd will be communicated next week.  Some student field trips will also be canceled.  Information about field trips and other school-specific events will be communicated to parents by each school's principal.  

We are also implementing the following measures: 
  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting of facilities each day 
  • Promoting universal precautions including handwashing, avoiding touching one’s face, and covering coughs and sneezes 
  • Advising students and staff who are sick to stay home 

Should the county guidance change, or if there were a confirmed case of the coronavirus in our community, information would immediately be distributed to our families. 

Below is a list of canceled upcoming public events. We will hope to reschedule canceled events where possible.  Reschedule dates will be announced if/when they become available. 

School Event Date  Status
Oak Ridge Elementary 
Lip Sync 
March 12, 2020 
All Schools 
Art Show Reception at the Indian Valley Public Library
March 12, 2020 
High School Art & Soul Fest 
March 14, 2020
Vernfield Elementary 3rd Grade Musical 
March 17, 2020 
Indian Valley Middle School
Talent Show  March 19, 2020
Vernfield Elementary Lip Sync March 20, 2020 
Salford Hills Elementary 
Bingo March 20, 2020 
High School
Evening of Jazz
March 20, 2020

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this challenging time and will continue to provide you with updates as new information becomes available.