At Home Learning

At Home Learning

In an effort to support learning when students are home from school, Souderton Area School District offers activities for the whole child.  These at home learning activities are optional and are not graded.  

While at home, students are able to engage in independent learning using their time to apply the skills and knowledge they have been working on in their classrooms. The District provides learning activities representing various content areas and aimed at supporting creativity, innovative thinking, personal wellness, and social consciousness.  Instructions 

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for completing activities are included in each menu. After four days of learning activities, students are given a day to catch up and reflect on their accomplishments.

Students are instructed on how to return completed learning activities to their school. 
For your convenience, all learning activity resources are also available on Schoology.  

Your continued partnership to help Souderton Area School District develop meaningful programs and activities for our students is always appreciated! 

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