Important End of Year Information

May 14, 2020 

As we move closer to summer, I am writing to share our plans for finishing out this school year – a year which has brought challenges none of us could have anticipated.

As you know, at the end of each year we begin to wind down our academic calendar with field trips, celebrations, awards ceremonies, and other fun events and activities to honor our students’ many achievements, and to simply bring them together as a community.  This year, we will continue to do this as much as possible, but in a different way.

We will also use the last few days with our teachers to continue to plan and train for the coming 2020-2021 school year.  The school closure and move to online learning has dramatically changed our educational landscape, and while no one is yet certain what the coming year will look like, we are planning for a wide variety of scenarios.  These planning and training days will help ensure we are prepared to welcome students back to the learning environment, whatever the new year may bring.  Enrichment opportunities for students such as the ABC Book Project, virtual field trips, and other engaging activities for kids of all ages will be available for students on these days.  These activities will not be graded, but students are highly encouraged to participate.

We recognize parents may have concerns about material that our students may have missed during the closure.  Our school district excels in differentiating instruction to meet the diverse learning needs and levels of all of our students, and to teach in ways that are meaningful to each of our learners.  We have every confidence that our teachers and administrators will work effectively with all of our students to get them up to speed and on track during the start of the coming school year.

Please take a moment to visit the calendar below and read the accompanying information regarding important events as we close out the 2019-2020 school year:

Click for DETAILS about the  End of Year Schedule for 2019-2020

This is a school year like no other.  We are here for our students and our parents.  We are Souderton Strong: A team of passionate, talented educators who care deeply for the children we educate and the community we serve.  I continue to be grateful for the patience and compassion of our entire school community.


Frank Gallagher

Frank T. Gallagher, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools