Sign Usage (Franconia Elementary)

The following guidelines have been established for placing messages on the "Community Events" sign located at Franconia Elementary School. The Community Events sign is coordinated by Souderton Area School District Administration.

  1. The signs are available at no cost to organizations within the Souderton Area School District for the purpose of promoting community- and civic-related events. The signs are not available for commercial advertising.

  2. The sign message must be consistent with school board policy #913: 
    Prohibited Commercial Activities
  3. Advertising opportunities in the Souderton Area School District will be subject to certain restrictions in keeping with contemporary standards of good taste and will seek to model and promote positive values for our students. Prohibited forms of advertising include but are not limited to those which:
    1. Promote hostility, disorder or violence.
    2. Disparage ethnic, racial and religious groups.
    3. Are libelous.
    4. Violate the rights of others.
    5. Inhibit the functioning of the school.
    6. Override the school's identity.
    7. Promote the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or firearms.
    8. Promote any religion/religious organizations.

  4. Sign messages will be displayed for a week, unless space allows for an additional week. In most cases the message will be posted on the Monday of the designated week.

  5. Information to be displayed on the signs is to be received one month prior to the posting, but no more than six months prior to the event.

  6. Sign messages can be no more than four lines, with 24 spaces per line.

  7. Priority will be given to Souderton Area School District Events.

  8. Sign message forms can be obtained at the Souderton Area School District Administrative Office at 760 Lower Road, Souderton, or at the following link Franconia Sign Use Form (PDF).

  9. Return forms to: Souderton Area School District at 760 Lower Road, Souderton, Pa 18964.

For additional information call 215-723-6061, ext. 10200.