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Taxpayer Bill of Rights

This information is being furnished pursuant to the requirements of Act 50 of 1998 concerning the Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights Act, 53 Pa.C.S.A. §§ 8421 et seq. (“Act”). Every taxpayer is obligated to pay all taxes levied by school districts to which the taxpayer is subject. When taxes are not paid or a school district has questions about whether a taxpayer has fulfilled all tax obligations, the school district has legal rights to enforce taxpayer obligations. In conjunction with taxpayer obligations and school district rights, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has enacted a Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights, which grants legal rights to taxpayers, and creates obligations for school districts so that equity and fairness control how a school district collects taxes. This document is the Disclosure Statement of Souderton Area School District ("School District") as required by the Act.

Please see below with more information regarding the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Please contact the Director of Business Affairs, Michael Taylor, CPA, via e-mail with any questions -