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Free and Reduced Price Meals

Our goal is to continue to support all students and families by ensuring those who need free or reduced-price meals at school continue to receive them – especially understanding that the pandemic has created new hardships for many families, including those who have never previously relied on school meals.  We also understand that many households have not submitted a meal application in two years. 

Families can apply for free or reduced-price meals based on household income declared on a meal application. For families with multiple students in the district, only one household application is needed, and benefits will apply for the entire school year. Should household financial circumstances change at any time, applications can also be submitted at any time throughout the year. 

Families receiving other benefits, such as SNAP or TANF, will be notified that their student(s) is/are automatically eligible for free meals and need not submit an application. 

Parents or guardians can submit a confidential application online  through COMPASS (see below) or on paper using the forms at the links below. Please return paper applications to the Food Service Department at the District Office. 

Please refer to the FAQ’s in the application packets if you have questions about the application process.

Apply ONLINE through COMPASS

COMPASS is a Web site that allows individuals and community based organizations access to screen for, apply for, and renew their Free & Reduced Meal Application as well as a broad range of social programs - 
See the COMPASS Pamphlet (ENGLISH | SPANISH) for more information. 


To download printable versions of the Free & Reduced Meal Application, use the links below:

Free & Reduced Meal Application ENGLISH (PDF)

Free & Reduced Meal Application SPANISH (PDF)

Free & Reduced Meal Application VIETNAMESE (PDF) 

For more information, please contact Gwyneth Jones, Supervisor of Food Services, via e-mail at or telephone at 215-723-6061 extension