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The SASD Technology Department plans, implements, and supports all of the school and district’s technology initiatives and infrastructure. This team supports firewalls, servers, access points, laptops, desktops, iPads, innovative technologies, and more.

The District has a 1-to-1 computing program for all students.

Information Systems

Information Systems maintains the implementation and maintenance of information systems to support the data and information needs of the school system; adhering to all state and federal confidentiality and reporting requirements, including the application of legal retention requirements and document disposal.

Technology Team

The Information Technology team is responsible for providing a variety of core services for Souderton Area School District, including:

  • Provide common server, storage, networking, and messaging platforms for all users
  • Provide, support and maintain client devices for all knowledge workers
  • Support and maintain client devices for all students
  • Support key enterprise software platforms for accounting, human resources and others
  • Maintain transactional databases, analytic data warehouses, and content management platforms as well develop and enforce data governance policies
  • Provide support services to procure, implement and utilize new software platforms

Core Team

Responsible for architecting and deploying all of SASD hardware, software and networking platforms including servers, storage, network hardware, wireless, unified communications, fiber infrastructure, security, backup, disaster recovery, e-mail, archiving, and user account management.  

Building Team

Handles the deployment and on-going maintenance of all end user devices as well as the daily support and maintenance of core platform systems. The combined staff and student fleet represents in excess of 10,000 desktops, laptops, tablets, interactive displays and printers. The team is responsible for setting up desktop PCs as well as other peripheral hardware and devices; software installations; tracking, prioritizing, and resolving user support calls.