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Inclement Weather Procedures

On days of inclement weather, our superintendent makes a decision regarding the daily scheduling for our schools. This schedule will also determine the transportation we provide to all non public and special education schools. It will apply to all vehicles and to all contractors transporting students that reside in the SASD to any school. We cannot accommodate individual schools that may decide to operate with a schedule different than the Souderton Area School District on days of inclement weather.

Our plan will be broadcast through regular radio channels as #309. You may also visit the Schools Closings & Delays link. For automatic e-mail notification, you may sign up by following the instructions found at the Information E-mail Sign-up link. It would be helpful if you would also suggest this option to your parents who reside in our district.

We trust you will prepare for any contingencies with your staff. The matrix shown below may help you to plan. Please be certain to communicate with your students and families regarding the Souderton Area School District policy and the procedures your school puts in place. Parents may be responsible for transporting their own child in certain circumstances.

Weather Contingencies

Closed Open None
Delayed Start or Early Dismissal Regular Delayed Start or Early Dismissal
Regular times* Delayed Start or Early Dismissal Regular times
Open Closed None


*When Souderton Area School District buses arrive at your school, your personnel needs to be there for students! If your school does not have appropriate supervision available or chooses not have students bused when particular circumstances apply – please notify us in writing as soon as possible.