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The Souderton Area School District (SASD) is situated midway between the cities of Allentown and Philadelphia. Due to its locale the district has the best of both worlds: proximity to the city, while in a semi-rural setting. 

SASD Mission Statement
"The Mission of the Souderton Area School District is to prepare students to demonstrate competencies needed to contribute and to succeed in a changing world by building on a commitment to excellence and innovation, by working in partnership with family and community, and by assuring a quality education for all students in a safe and nurturing environment."

Nondiscrimination Statements

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Our Community
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Construction of the Souderton Area High School (SAHS) was completed in 2009, to include grades 9-12 at one building. Indian Crest and Indian Valley Middle Schools became grades 6-8 buildings at that time.

The high school, and renovation projects at Indian Crest and Indian Valley Middle Schools, provides the district with the facilities to educate all students for many years to come. All schools in the SASD are fully air-conditioned.

Due to declining enrollment, the Lower Salford Elementary School was closed during the Summer of 2013. Students from the Lower Salford Elementary School were reassigned to the Vernfield and Salford Hills Elementary Schools.

The school population is currently 6,380. The 2019-2020 grade structure is: elementary - grades K-5; Indian Crest Middle School and Indian Valley Middle School - grades 6-7-8; and Souderton Area High School - grades 9-10-11-12.

Community Education/Involvement
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Evening School classes are available through the District Community Education program and North Montco Technical Career Center. Adult Evening School classes are offered in the fall and spring in the SASD. The school district also sponsors a complete summer recreation program with day camps, summer adventure trips and specialized classes. Sports camps are offered through the SAHS Athletic Department. Community-based programs such as Art Goes to School, Artists In Action, Partnership Advisory Team business partnership and the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce Education Committee tie the community to the schools.

The SAHS pool is open year-round for student and community use. The Hands Across the District volunteer program encourages parents, non-parents and senior citizens to volunteer in the schools, thus enhancing the educational program.

The Souderton Area Education Foundation is a broad-based, non-profit community organization designed to secure resources from inpiduals and corporations to provide expanded learning opportunities through student, teacher and business partnerships. Over $600,000 in mini and special grants has been awarded to the Souderton Area School District.

Community members are invited to visit the SASD schools and become part of the educational planning as the district looks to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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Souderton Area School District Enrollment as of June 1, 2021:

Souderton Area High School 2,021
Indian Crest Middle School 743
Indian Valley Middle School 809
E.M. Crouthamel Elementary 325
Franconia Elementary 439
Oak Ridge Elementary 460
Salford Hills Elementary 438
Vernfield Elementary 463
West Broad Street Elementary 388
Total 6,086
School Year Enrollment
90/91 4,920
91/92 5,048
92/93 5,187
93/94 5,312
94/95 5,539
95/96 5,786
96/97 6,035
97/98 6,174
98/99 6,267
99/00 6,372
00/01 6,431
01/02 6,464
02/03 6,551
03/04 6,650
04/05 6,693
05/06 6,795
06/07 6,891
07/08 6,910
08/09 6,774
09/10 6,799
10/11 6,680
11/12 6,618
12/13 6,553
13/14 6,367
14/15 6,475
15/16 6,505
16/17 6,551
17/18 6,479
 18/19 6,414
 19/20 6,147
 20/21 6,086