ELD Program Design

What is the design of the ELD Program?
English language skills and content are the focus of instruction. The student’s native language is not used in either instruction or support.

EL-specific English only Instruction - Students are grouped with ELs only. 

Mixed Classes with English-only Support - Instruction and support could be provided either inside or outside of the regular classroom. ELs and non-ELs are instructed together in the same classroom.

ELs may participate in one or more of the following ELD program models/instruction:

Elementary, Grades K-5
  • Pull out: Direct instruction with ESL teacher
  • Push in: Classroom support with ESL teacher or aid
  • Modifications/differentiation provided by classroom teacher during instruction in the general education classroom
Secondary, Grades 6-12
  • ELD English classes provided by ESL Teachers
  • Classroom content delivered by content area teachers
  • ESL Teachers/ESL Assistants provide instruction and support within the content classroom
Annual ELP Assessment
  • Assessment processes must align to the academic standards and PA ELPS.
  • The annual state ELP assessment of ELs is required by federal law.
  • The State ELP assessment must be administered annually to measure progress and/or attainment of the student’s English language proficiency for each language domain, i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening/understanding.