How do students qualify for the ELD Program?

Home Language Survey
A Home Language Survey (HLS) is completed by the parents/guardians of all new students at the time of enrollment. If the HLS indicates that the student’s primary language is a language other than English, or a language other than English is spoken in the student’s home, students will be assessed for qualification in ELD program services. 

Identification and Enrollment of English Learners (ELs)
The ESL staff at the student’s school of attendance will:

  • Review previous school records.
  • Conduct student and/or parent interviews.
  • Administer an English Language Proficiency assessment such as the WIDA Screener, if necessary.
  • Use the results of the ELP assessment and multiple criteria to determine placement in an ELD program.

Enrollment in the ELD Program:

  • The instructional placement of ELs will be age and grade appropriate.
  • ELs will be given equal access to all educational programs, opportunities, and extracurricular activities in the same manner as for all students.
  • Parent notification of student assessment results and the placement in an ELD is required.
  • Under federal civil rights laws, parents have the right to refuse to have their child participate in any specialized, separate ELD program or service.