Wellness Committee Update, 2017-2018 School Year

 The Wellness Committee met to review and discuss the changes to Student Wellness Policy #246.  That information has been shared with all faculty and staff.  Principals have also reviewed with faculty and staff, along with Home and School Associations, the following information:

  • Schools will keep track of (5) exempt fundraisers in Elementary and Middle School buildings, and up to (10) exempt fundraisers for Highs School Buildings for competitive food for sale to students that do not meet Smart Snack nutritional standards by using the Smart Snack Approval Form (PDF).

  • Schools reviewed online Smart Snack guidelines

  • Classroom parties and celebrations shall offer a minimal amount of food containing sugar as a primary ingredient.  Refer to the Food Service Web site for menus and suggestions.

Special Education Supervisors have reminded teachers and staff that rewards and incentives in classrooms must follow Smart Snack requirements.

If any parents or community members would like additional information about our Wellness Policy or would like to become a member of the Wellness Committee, please contact the Director of Pupil Services at 215-723-6061.