Bus service is provided according to State guidelines, for school students who reside more than 1-1/2 miles from the elementary school and 2 miles from a secondary school. Parents who select a private or parochial school for their children are provided similar transportation provided that their school is not for profit and is located within 10 miles of the Souderton Area School District boundaries. Transportation is also provided to special education students, regardless of distance, consistent with their special needs.

All buses have video capability.  Bus drivers uniformly enforce safety rules. School administrators are responsible for management of student behavior according to established policies.

Number of students transported by SASD 7,200
Number of sites bused
(public, private, special education and alternative schools in addition to life skills sites)
Miles traveled per school day
(by TSI and other carriers)

Let us work together to keep school transportation the safest mode of travel in the nation. Teach transportation safety in your home, reinforce courteous behavior, respect our drivers and the personal property of others.

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For additional information, please contact Frank Ball, Supervisor of Operations, via e-mail at [email protected], or telephone at 215-723-6061 ext. 10212.

Bus Routing / Bus Stop Changes:

- All bus routing is created for your home address unless the bus company is told otherwise.

- If your child will need busing to another and/or from any location different from your home address, on a daily basis, you must fill out a Bus Stop Change Request Form. This form must be completed every year.

Kindergarten Mid-Day Busing

The SASD does NOT provide mid-day kindergarten transportation; we will provide morning transportation to the AM session and afternoon transportation home from the PM session. Parents/Guardians are responsible for all mid day dismissals and arrivals.

Kindergarten students that do not reside in a walking zone and are eligible for one way transportation will receive a postcard (mailed to their home address in mid August) with their bus assignment for either morning or afternoon transportation.