How Souderton Area Online Academy Works

Click to view the SAOA flyer...Souderton Area Online Academy blends our educational programs and resources with programs built specifically for the virtual world to create a responsive online environment for our students.

The flexibility of the program will allow for synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) teaching and student interactions, but at the elementary and middle school levels, a parent or guardian must be committed to working with the student to support their learning and provide structure and routine.

What can students and parents expect?

  • Students will be expected to log on daily, and depending on the class and grade level, they may have daily assignments to complete.

  • All students will be provided a device by the school district, and both teaching and assignments will be accessed via Schoology. Students will have access to Souderton’s tech support staff.

  • Students will work individually, cooperatively, and collaboratively. Online teachers will engage and empower students, and will work to ensure their academic success.

  • Students can expect a mixture of full-group, small-group, and some one-on-one instruction.

  • At-home support is required for all students who enroll in the Souderton Area Online Academy, as this is a best practice across all cyber education programs.
How will Souderton Area Online Academy support students?
  • Students have unique learning styles, and our online courses will include activities and assessments that are varied to meet the learning styles of students. The courses will be interactive and use a range of resources and tools offered by the Internet.

  • Students with IEPs, GIEPs or 504 Plans can enroll in the Souderton Area Online Academy. Supports will be provided throughout the program.

  • Students must enjoy working independently, be willing to ask for help, be willing to develop good time management skills, and be willing to dedicate themselves to the program.

  • Souderton Area Online Academy students will have access to student support services, athletics, clubs, extra-curricular activities, counseling and more. Souderton Area School District Online Academy students who graduate while in the program will still receive a Souderton Area School District diploma.