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Register ONLINE

*NOTE: Before beginning online enrollment, please be sure to have all  required registration documents.

  1. To begin online enrollment, you must create an account.
    *If you are unable to complete your enrollment online, please contact the Registration Office for assistance at 215-723-6061 ext. 10227.
  2. Once logged in, complete the “New Student Registration 2024-2025” form. 
  3. You will be prompted to complete all required fields and upload any required registration documents.
  4. You have the option of saving your work and returning at a later time. 
  5. To save your work, click on the blue circle with your initials (first and last name initials) in the upper right-hand corner.  Click on “Save and Sign Out”.  Be sure to Save and Sign Out or your work will be lost.
  6. When you have all required fields completed and the required registration documents have been uploaded, you can “Submit” the packet.   Please note your registration is not completed until you see the “Next Steps” screen.
  7. If any information is missing, the system will show you the missing information under “Summary”.

Use the link below to begin ONLINE enrollment:

Register ONLINE for 2024-2025